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Paying attention to forage quality pays off

Minimum spoilage - Minimum levels of impurities - high palatability - high energy and high nutrient content

Silage, hay, bale silage… are the most efficient feed for the herd but only if of quality! In a context of production cost control, the main issue of livestock operations is harvesting all of the feeding value of meadows to reduce concentrate costs.

At KUHN, we see things the same way. This is what motivates us to offer livestock farmers real solutions that will ensure that forage quality is preserved. Our product development teams are involved in building on technology, engineering and materials to meet this goal.

The purpose of our expertise is to harvest forage with minimum impurity level, maximum energy content and nutritional value as well as increased palatability for the herd. On this website, you will see forage harvesting equipment from a different perspective: the one of a specialist.

As such, we have a lot to say. On this support, we will share this information with you!